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Special clauses, requirements, or other limitations on those who wish adopt:
We will allow some of our rescues to be adopted after we receive a clean bill of health from our reptile veterinarian. An adoption application is required to be completed prior to adoption. If after review of the application we feel that you would provide a good home for the reptile, we will need to meet you (if we have not already done so) and possibly deliver the pet so we can see the environment in which they will be living. We will absolutely not ship adopted animals!
If you are interested in adopting a reptile you see on our adoption list, please download the adoption application and contract. Upon completion, please return both documents to Lizard Love Rescue . You may also bring us the completed adoption application to one of our upcoming events or scheduled adoption meeting.
Reptiles available for adoption

1 Baby Cornsnake 
1 Juvenile Butter Corn Snake 
1 Adult Male 5 ft. Het-Albino Redtail Columbian Boa 

2 Normal Ball Pythons 
2 Juvenile Female Bearded Dragons 

1 Adult Male Bearded Dragon 

2 Adult Female Bearded Dragons 
3 Male Adult Crested Geckos 
3 Adult Female Leopard Geckos (must be adopted together)
2 Side-neck Turtles (1 male and 1 female). Must leave as a pair. We will not re-home them separate.  

1 Small Juvenile Female Green Iguana 

3 Larger Juvenile Green Iguana's (1 male and 2 female). The females are not aggressive but fairly flighty. They will need a lot of hands-on experience. The male is not used to being handled and comes off as aggressive. He will need to go to a home that is experienced with Iguana's. 

**Prices are negotiable and dependent on equipment, supplies, etc, if needed. **
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