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About Us
Lizard Love Rescue is a non-profit organization registered with the state of Oregon and we are a no-kill, non-breeding rescue dedicated to helping save the lives of neglected, abused, unwanted, and abandoned reptiles. We are located in Dallas, Oregon and are currently serving the Willamette Valley and surrounding areas.
Seth and Natasha Arnesen have had a love for reptiles for 30+ years combined. When Seth was a young adult he worked in pet stores and owned reptiles of his own. He also offered his time to visit schools and gave learning presentations about his reptiles. Natasha started volunteering at reptile shows when she was 14 years old and the love and experience of  reptiles grew from there. We are a husband and wife team who offer our home, love, and care to reptiles that previous owners have turned their backs on. We are also here to help the people who care for their pet but due to unforeseen circumstances can no longer provide the care the reptile needs. . 
We will be happy to attend events at  schools, libraries, parties, etc. to share knowledge of our reptiles and show our animals. To help with the presentation and the learning process, we will allow a close-up and hands on experience with our reptiles in a safe manner. If you would like to see us at one of your events, please contact us.
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